Gardens by the Bay Volunteer Appreciation Night 2018

Venue: Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay

Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: What an evening seriously! Big thanks to Tembusu Events an Communications for having me..

Tonight is a night for all of the Gardens by the Bay Volunteers who have helped out in so many different areas such as Outdoor Gardening, Conservatory Horticulture, Bird Survey, Events and Festivals. Since Gardens by the Bay Volunteer Programme started in 2012, the Volunteer Family has now grown to over 2,800 members consisting of volunteers, organisations and schools.

Thank you for being the face to so many of our tourists!

Emcee Ainsley

Contestants playing the Dress-up Game using mostly sustainable items!

Everybody put your hands up in the air! I absolutely love how this

picture showcases the different ages doing it all together!

All thumbs up with happy faces! Thank you for

giving me such an enjoyable first show of 2018!

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