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Ainsley Chong

Emcee and Close-up Magician

About Ainsley!

Singapore Emcee and Close-up Magician Ainsley Chong is your number one entertainment choice to take your event to greater heights. Graduated from The Emcee Academy in Singapore, founded by The Flying Dutchman, he is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests and you. Having also had prior event management experience, Ainsley Chong understands the mechanics of being the best emcee Singapore and in turn helps you to deliver an interactive and terrific experience for your event. 

When you choose Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong to be the host of your event, you can be rest assured that your event runs smoothly while your guests are engaged with games, entertained and/or awed by his voice or magic tricks. 


Your attention to detail and the work you have put in to understand our industry, our specific business, and the corporate clients. We have worked with some others in the past but your credibility outshined because of the preparation work before the night’s actual event.

Sheraton Towers Singapore


I appreciate your emcee experience in terms of time management and improvisation, and that you kept the program on track on time whilst peppering the night with jokes and genuine laughter from the stuff.


brands-studio m.png

Your ability to interact and effectively read the crowd is noteworthy. Through the course of the night, you have engaged the audience with a high degree of entertainment, and have been acknowledged for the Impeccable comic timing and creative ice breakers.

Studio M Hotel

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