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What is an Emcee/Master-of-Ceremony?

This is gonna be a different kind of blog post, as you can already tell from the Title. I have been wanting to write something about this. Just a disclaimer though, I am sure all of us have a different definition of what an Emcee is but this is just my take on what I feel is an Emcee/Master-of-Ceremony.

So when I am asked constantly, "What is an Emcee?", this is my exact reply: "An Emcee is a Compere/Leader/Monitor of a dinner/function/event that leads the pace and the direction of the entire event. We are someone who will reach out to your audience, deliver key marketing messages for you, fills in the gaps for you, control your audience, warm up your guests, plan the event around the audience together with the events company and finally, we will let you walk away with a memorable experience" Oh trust me, I could go and on..

But being an Emcee on stage isn't all that easy, you gotta look good, sound good on stage while making sure you deliver a seamless, smooth and fun experience. It looks easier said than done but when I am on stage, I've constantly got a thousand and one things processing through my head - what's next in the Programme, the CEO's name, is this/that ready and again, the list goes on.

This is pretty much my take on what an Emcee is and I am sure there are more definition types. Enjoy the read and do let me know what you think.

Emcee Ainsley signing out!

About Emcee Singapore - Top Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong has over 7 years of emceeing experience in Singapore, entertaining audiences of different nationalities. His versatility have won the hearts of many event audiences around. From large scale national events to intimate corporate dinners, Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong definitely injects life into every event he takes on. Contact Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong by clicking here.

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