Chingay Parade 2019 International Group Thank You Reception

Venue: Gardens By The Bay, Flower Field Hall


Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: So Chingay has come and gone, and what better way to give our newfound international friends a nice grand send-off than this beautiful 'Thank You' reception courtesy of the lovely people at the People's Association and the Chingay Parade Executive Committee for 2019!

It was a beautiful evening, with dinner being full of local delights such as laksa to whet guests' appetites and some amazing performances put on by representatives from the various international groups that took part in this year's Chingay parade. Personally, I loved the performances put on by Team Philippines and on the local side, the Johor Bahru Hong Yang Sports Association putting their acrobatic skills to the test while dressed up as Sun Wukong. That blew me away!

Huge thanks to the many people at the People's Association and the Chingay Parade 2019 Executive Committee for letting me be their esteemed host with the most yet again, and a huge warm show of thanks to the many international representatives that graced this year's Chingay Parade for all their hard work and dedication to make this the best Chingay yet!


Here's to new friends and great times,

Emcee Ainsley


Group photo with our newfound international friends


Commemoration plaques for our international friends 


Another great performance by Team Philippines!


What a riveting performance by Johor Bahru Hong Yang Sports Association!



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