DS French Fair

Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: Hello dear friends and bonjour! The fantastic folks at DS brought me onboard to take part in their annual French Fair, and I can tell you it was du magnifique from beginning to end!


The entire event was chockfull with various fun activities that were meant to make you feeling French, or make you feel like you're spending a day in Paris at least. There were some fun activities such as making your own crepes, which is this thin pancake, Art Jamming aka bonding with your children over some relaxing canvas painting to bring out their inner Picasso, sampling traditional French treats such as the most delicious macaroons and tea that you'll ever sample, even rock glass engraving and creating your own wooden coasters, and so much more. DS even brought out their flagship model, the DS7 Crossback, which was the epitome of joie de vivre for many car enthusiasts, myself included! It was a surreal experience sitting behind the wheel of this bad boy. If only I owned a car like that but alas, c'est la vie!


Thank you to the lovely people at DS for two days of immersion in all things France, it was truly an honour serving as your esteemed emcee for the duration of your wonderful event! Merci beaucoup, it was an enlightening experience in more ways than one!


Au revoir!

Emcee Ainsley


Art Jam together with your kids as you check out our range of cars


Yes, I got to test drive the car!


Would you like to try some tea sir?


Tea & Macarons Appreciation


Create your very own Masterpiece


DS French Fair Event Highlights


Got to love the taillights!


We are bringing you the whole French experience


DS Flagship, the DS7 Crossback



About Emcee Singapore - Top Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong has over 8 years of emceeing experience in Singapore, entertaining audiences of different nationalities. His versatility have won the hearts of many event audiences around. From large scale national events to intimate corporate dinners, Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong definitely injects life into every event he takes on. Contact Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong by clicking here.

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