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Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: Love love Carnival Style Events! Now, let me tell you why... As an Emcee, we get to go down to the floor, walk around the Carnival-Styled Booths and engage audiences. It's not just about the stage entirely, at least that's what I feel. Entertainment at its best definitely.

Thank you to Se7en Friday for the gig!

Emcee Ainsley

Frontal view of the lovely set up done by Se7en Friday!

Here's another view of the set up done by Se7en Friday!

Emcee Ainsley Chong on duty! Thank you all for all the opportunities thus far!

About Emcee Singapore - Top Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong has over 7 years of emceeing experience in Singapore, entertaining audiences of different nationalities. His versatility have won the hearts of many event audiences around. From large scale national events to intimate corporate dinners, Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong definitely injects life into every event he takes on. Contact Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong by clicking here.

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