PLMP FinTech Chinese New Year Lunch

Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: Hosting this Chinese New Year Lunch has been quite a unique and eventful experience, mostly due in part to the VIP guests invited by PLMP FinTech.

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Norodom Thanora and Princess Nalinthorn Dhammasiriboon of Cambodia, were in attendance as the aforementioned VIP guests and it was such a great honour to meet them in person again! It was also a traditional celebration of the Lunar New Year, complete with amazing lion dance performances and the traditional lou hei to bring guests closer together as they toss the food to usher in the New Year. All in all, it was a great event and I'm thankful to PLMP FinTech for letting me entertain the guests and making the lunch all that more special. It was a memorable night, meeting Cambodian royalty and tossing lou hei with new friends nonwithstanding!

Wishing everyone a very prosperous Lunar New Year,

Emcee Ainsley

With Prince and Princess of Cambodia,

Prince Norodom Thanora and Princess Nalinthorn Dhammasiriboon

Ushering in the Lunar New Year the traditional way

Many thanks to the wonderful people at PLMP FinTech for a wonderful lunch!

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