PLMP Fintech 1st Year Anniversary

Emcee Singapore Ainsley Chong - Reporting Live: Congratulations to the great people from PLMP Fintech for celebrating their 1st Anniversary. 

In just 1 year, PLMP Fintech has made tremendous strides in 2018. In just the last year, the company has established a foothold in the Thai and Malaysia markets. 2019 promises to be a year of even greater progress with plans for regional expansion and public listing in the works. So much of works has gone into this company. 9 months ago this was just a vision and now it is all a reality. PLMP Fintech makes history and set a benchmark by building Asia's 1st ever Blockchain Technology and Educational Centre. 

Would also like to say a big thank you to Prince Norodom Thanora of Cambodia and Princess Nalinthorn Dhammasiriboon of Cambodia for gracing this event. PLMP Fintech and Cambodia also signed the Meorandum of Understanding for their new partnership. 

Congratulations once again and here's to many good years ahead!

Emcee Ainsley

Amazing fanfare leading up to the Ribbon Cutting happening at exactly

1111am on 11 November 2018 to signify their 1st Year Anniversary! 

With the VVVIPS for the Ribbon Cutting which includes Royalties from Cambodia - 

Prince Norodom Thanora and Princess Nalinthorn Dhammasiriboon!

 Happy 1st Anniversary PLMP Fintech!

Emcee Ainsley Chong with the Cambodian Royalties - Prince Norodom Thanora and Princess Nalinthorn Dhammasiriboon. First time ever hosting for Royalties!

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